The Web’s Top 5 – July 26, 2019

These are the Top 5 things I found on the web this week:

Delighting in the Trinity

Nine short videos by Mike Reeves, focused on helping us to delight in God’s nature as Trinity. Worth 12 minutes of your week!

Love Your Neighbor and Speak the Truth

Rosaria Butterfield: “To be clear, I was not converted out of homosexuality. I was converted out of unbelief. I didn’t swap out a lifestyle. I died to a life I loved. Conversion to Christ made me face the question squarely: did my lesbianism reflect who I am (which is what I believed in 1999), or did my lesbianism distort who I am through the fall of Adam?”

A Secular Take on the Sabbath

An interesting interview about the case for a 24/6 lifestyle. A practical, pragmatic take on the Sabbath that serves to show–in my opinion–many of the benefits of this life-giving commandment. From The Art of Manliness.

Being a Man Like Jesus

Such a great article on Christlike masculinity. These are the kinds of men we need in our churches today: “But such is not the vision of he who made man. Instead of blunting his sharp edges, God has a different solution for creating good men: rebirth, looking to Christ, and training in righteousness. Godliness must balance his natural perils. He achieves mature manhood through adding the fruit of the Spirit, not subtracting his God-designed nature. Kindness, self-control, compassion flavor his strength, courage, determination — not eclipse them.”

Does a Traditional Marriage Ethic Harm LGBTQ People?

Preston Sprinkle has, in my opinion, done a great job in opening and keeping a respectful conversation in the space of gender, sexuality, and faith. You may not agree with everything he says, but the resources he is developing through the Center for Faith, Sexuality, and Gender are top-notch. This is a two-part blog post. The second part is here.


Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash


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