Gleanings (April 17 2020)

April 17, 2020

Five articles I found helpful from around the Web this week:

Zoom Fatigue  A very practical medical-theological treatise on the importance of paying attention to our bodies during a time of social isolation. Super insightful a month into quarantine.

Grieving is Leading  Jonathan Dodson on not forgetting to lead your people to lament in this difficult time. We can’t be their comforter, and perhaps we’re not supposed to be. What if God has brought us to this time so that we would run to him–and lead others to run to him–in our grief, loneliness, isolation, and despair?

How to Pray for Medical Providers  Helpful insights as we seek to support our frontline workers.

Resist Busyness  For someone like me who is constantly looking for something to “do,” the coronavirus crisis has ramped up my productivity–as well as my guilt when I’m not as productive as everyone else. This article was a necessary and helpful balm for me this week, reminding me: “settle down”.

Fighting Coronavirus Fears  As usual, John Piper draws us back to the rock solid foundation of God’s word. Helpful and encouraging.


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