The Surprise of Resurrection

Note: This article was first featured at Gospel-Centered Discipleship. The children, in their forgetful playfulness, left the farm gate open again, giving free rein to the wandering instincts of our old Bassett Hound. Equipped with her overactive sniffer, instigated by the Earth-shaking peals from the sky, she disappeared into the stormy night. It might haveContinue reading “The Surprise of Resurrection”

Struggling to Fit Church on Your Plate?

This post originally appeared at Gospel-Centered Discipleship. Many American churches have long reveled in the cultural phenomenon known as the “potluck.” The regular challenge of the potluck is, of course, to maximize limited plate space by trying to fit as much food as possible. Rookies overload with the initial dishes and run out of roomContinue reading “Struggling to Fit Church on Your Plate?”

You Have One Job

by Mike Phay I know it’s coming. I’ve read it before. But maybe the story will be different this time. But alas, it’s not. It never is. Genesis 3 always follows Genesis 1 and 2. It’s like watching a train wreck over and over again, and I’m a passive observer with the unfortunate privilege ofContinue reading “You Have One Job”