He Prays For Us

We can be assured in the midst of opposition that Jesus has not left us alone.


Ask Him For Joy

For God, prayer is all about relationship. It’s all about being with His children.

Leading Kids Past “Praying the Prayer”

As you speak with your child about Jesus, God’s Word, and their relationship with God, there are several biblical values that should frame your approach to this ongoing conversation.

Things Are Not Always as They Appear

The Apostle Thomas was famously known as a doubter - but who, in fact, was he? We can, perhaps, understand a little bit more about our own struggles with with belief by considering Thomas' story. The first of several parts.

Laying Aside a Crushing Weight

We willingly take on the weight of the world when we make ourselves its center. Laying this aside through imitating Christ in a posture of humility is to become greater while simultaneously become less.

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