Gleanings – May 3, 2019

Gleanings are some items I’ve found lying around the web that I’ve found helpful this week. Gospel-Driven Prayer One of my greatest burdens as a pastor is leading a church to be a praying church. I honestly don’t think we can fully honor God as we should if we are not depending on him in prayer. ThisContinue reading “Gleanings – May 3, 2019”

Seeing and Believing

The second post in a series on Thomas from John 20. Perhaps you can identify with “Doubting” Thomas, and be met by Jesus in His kindness and grace.

Things Are Not Always as They Appear

The Apostle Thomas was famously known as a doubter – but who, in fact, was he? We can, perhaps, understand a little bit more about our own struggles with with belief by considering Thomas’ story. The first of several parts.