The Web’s Top 5 – July 26, 2019

These are the Top 5 things I found on the web this week: Delighting in the Trinity Nine short videos by Mike Reeves, focused on helping us to¬†delight in God’s nature as Trinity. Worth 12 minutes of your week! Love Your Neighbor and Speak the Truth Rosaria Butterfield: “To be clear, I was not convertedContinue reading “The Web’s Top 5 – July 26, 2019”

Known By Love: Taking Covenants Seriously

by Mike Phay If you are a Christian with even a modicum of exposure to those outside of the faith, you have probably experienced being labeled as a hypocrite. The bite of this accusation, though stemming from a perceived inconsistency between our words and our lives, is rooted in the repeated failure of believers toContinue reading “Known By Love: Taking Covenants Seriously”