The Surprise of Resurrection

Note: This article was first featured at Gospel-Centered Discipleship. The children, in their forgetful playfulness, left the farm gate open again, giving free rein to the wandering instincts of our old Bassett Hound. Equipped with her overactive sniffer, instigated by the Earth-shaking peals from the sky, she disappeared into the stormy night. It might haveContinue reading “The Surprise of Resurrection”

Gleanings – April 30, 2019

Gleanings are some items I’ve found lying around the web that I’ve found helpful this week. All (Some) Things Gilead There are very few times I’ll put a book down, exhale, and simply say, “Wow.” But this is exactly what happened when I read Marilynne Robison’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, Gilead. While reading it, my wife askedContinue reading “Gleanings – April 30, 2019”

Seeing and Believing

The second post in a series on Thomas from John 20. Perhaps you can identify with “Doubting” Thomas, and be met by Jesus in His kindness and grace.

An Easter Monday Resurrection Meditation

Resurrection surprises us. More often it bores us. In Christ, let us be reawakened to the awe and majesty of the life given to us through death.