img_3646Greetings!  My name is Mike Phay and this is One Beggar. I named this blog after the famous quote by Bishop D.T. Niles: “Christianity is one beggar telling another beggar where he found bread.” And that’s how I see myself: call me a beggar or a king, a hack or a huckster, a know-nothing or a know-it-all, insignificant or important, uneasy or well-grounded, unsure or confident, sinner or saint, failure or success. To some degree, all of these labels describe each one of us, often without us knowing (or admitting) it. We are all royalty, created in the imago Dei. At the same time, we are all broken beggars. Whether or not we choose to admit it, down deep, we’re all familiar with the angst. If we’re honest with ourselves, we all need a little help on the journey. We all, often, lose our way or are unsure of where we are on the road. This blog is my attempt to reset some broken and abandoned roadsigns, scuff the moss off a few neglected landmarks, and perhaps give some weathered advice as to the best fork in the road to take. I’m just trying to get a meal – really, the only Meal that really matters–and maybe share what I can scrounge up with you along the way.

Aside from all of that, I spend my days serving primarily as the headmaster and chief pot-stirrer at the Phay Family Homeschool. I’ve been married to the amazing and incomparable Keri Phay for 22 years, and we have done our fair share of repopulating and educating the world. Our 5 kids range in age from preschool to college. Professionally, I serve as a pastor and a teacher, and have had a hand in starting a successful non-profit and watching many more great ideas land in the wastebasket. I read widely, think deeply, and seek to teach and write in a creative, inquisitive and passionate way. I love coffee, bicycles, and woodworking, have an affection for well-placed apostrophes, haven’t had a belly-button since I was 1, and my favorite word is ubiquitous.

Anything that I have to share either comes from my own experience, musings, and thoughts on life and God or else I have unwittingly forgotten my references. Nothing is set in stone, except for Jesus, his Word, and his Kingdom. I’m humbled that you would greet me in your journey and at least take a minute to read my name tag (“Hello, I’m Mike”) and say, “Hi”. I would love to hear from you and walk along the road with you, if even for a minute. At least as long as it takes to finish this cup of coffee.

You can also check out more of my writing at For The Church, Gospel-Centered Discipleship, and Christ and Pop Culture.



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